Sunday 9th October

Images from 2016 are below:

Click here for the photos from the Save the Oxley ride day 5th November

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Saturday 6th August

The Oxley Highway Gingers Creek Bike Images

May 7 and 8

Saturday 8th October

If you like any image I ask a small fee of $10 for a digital image and I will send you a Full Size HD (6000 x 4000 pixels) image and a smaller one with my logo for Facebook/Twitter- just email with the Date, Timeslot and image number or screenshot. Please do not use Facebook to contact me with orders. Payment is via Bank transfer which will be sent in the reply email to you.

Please Note: There is usually only one image of each bike here and minimal editing has been done. I have multiple shots at many angles of many of the bikes, if your interested in purchasing an image I will share any additional images with you prior to your decision to purchase.


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Sunday 7th August

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